The Camping Trip
Series SpongeBob's Childhood
Author AMK152
Production 002
Airdate May 16, 2014
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The Camping Trip is an episode from SpongeBob's Childhood. SpongeBob, Patrick and their fathers go on a camping trip.



It's a warm summer day, and SpongeBob wakes up early in the morning, excited for a camping trip. He goes to the kitchen where his mother is making breakfast. His father is in the garage doing last minute preparations for the camping trip. While eating breakfast, Patrick and his father arrive. Herb Star has a van with a canoe on top. SpongeBob and his father finish breakfast, and then the SquarePants' and Stars proceed to the van.

They arrive at a parking lot on the outskirts of the Kelp Forest, near a river. Herb and Harold unload the canoe while SpongeBob and Patrick gather their backpacks for the canoe ride.