SpongeBob's Ultimate Halloween Party of AWESOMENESS! By: Caillou Rocks!

(It is the day before Halloween and SpongeBob is decorating his house.)

SpongeBob: SQUIDWARD!!!

(Squidward opens door)

Squidward: Why isn't It SpongeBob. What do you want now?

SpongeBob: Do you want to come to my Halloween Party tomorrow?

Squidward: No! Why would I come to you-

(Patrick Interrupts)

Patrick: OH OH OH! A Halloween party? Can I come?

SpongeBob: Yes. We are best friends, remember?

Patrick: Uuhhhh...

(flashback showing SpongeBob and Patrick meeting.)

(flashes back to present day)

Patrick: ...yes!

SpongeBob: See you tomorrow!

Time card reading "On Halloween Night"

French Narrator: On Halloween Night

(Shows SpongeBob's house with lots of guests in)

SpongeBob: Alright folks, it's time for the party to really start! It's 9:00PM and LET'S GO PARTY!!!

(Fred bumps a table slightly and screams)

Fred: MY LEG!

SpongeBob: Your leg shouldn't be hurting because your leg barely hit the table.

(Mr. Krabs ruins SpongeBob's VHS tape about 2 random people (One employee from Peter Piper Pizza and one from Chuck E. Cheese's) fighting in Chuck E. Cheese's and the guy in the smelly Chuck E. The Rat costume joins in)

French Narrator: And that's when SpongeBob kicked everyone out of the party and that's why SpongeBob never threw a party again! The End!

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