Titlecard # Title Airdate
1 Jellyfishing with Grandpa May 2, 2014
SpongeBob goes jellyingfishing with his grandfather.
[[File:|90px|center]] The Camping Trip May 16, 2014
SpongeBob and his dad and Patirck and his dad go on a camping trip.
[[File:|90px|center]] 3 The Carnival May 23, 2014
SpongeBob is excited that the carnival is in town, but his mom won’t let him go until he finishes his chores.
[[File:|90px|center]] 4 Patrick’s Secret Rock May 30, 2014
Patrick finds a rock on the school playground, but won’t let SpongeBob see it.
[[File:|90px|center]] 5 Glove World June 6, 2014
SpongeBob and Patrick go to a new theme park.
[[File:|90px|center]] 6 Superheroes for a Day June 13, 2014
SpongeBob and Patrick buy Mermaid Man & Barnacle order customes and become superheroes for a day.
[[File:|90px|center]] 7 Cousin BlackJack June 20, 2014
SpongeBob is afraid to go to his cousin BlackJack's birthday party.
[[File:|90px|center]] 8 Jellyfishing with Patrick June 27, 2014
When Grandpa SquarePants hurts his back, SpongeBob convinces his friend Patrick to go jellyfishing.
[[File:|90px|center]] 9 The Cave July 4, 2014
On their way home from school, SpongeBob and Patrick discover a cave.
[[File:|90px|center]] 10 Kids Meal Toys July 11, 2014
When SpongeBob and his parents go to the Krusty Krab for lunch, SpongeBob becomes obsessed with collecting all the toys in a Kids Meal set.
[[File:|90px|center]] 11 Beach Day July 18, 2014
The SquarePants and Star families spend a day at Goo Lagoon.