Real Name Robert Air SquarePants
Current Alias Spider-Sponge
Aliases SpongeBob, Sponge, SpongeBoy
Relatives Harold SquarePants (father, deceased), Gretchen SquarePants (mother, deceased), Sherm SquarePants (paternal uncle, deceased), Samantha SquarePants (aunt)
Affiliation Works alone
Base of Operation Bikini Bottom
Alignment Good

SpongeBob was given into his aunt's and uncle's hands when his parents went off on a mission. His parents died and SpongeBob was raised under his aunt and uncle who had no children of their own. Sherm was a model to his nephew and taught him that with power, comes responsibility.

In his childhood, he learned Karate and very good school skills.

One day, he was on a field trip to an experiment with radioactivity. A small spider did not catch anyone's attention and became radioactive in the experiment. In its last breath, it bit SpongeBob. After the field trip, when he was going home, he discovered that he could climb on walls, bend iron with his bare hands in seconds, had great agility and other abilities of a spider.

To get some profit, he wrestled a man for $3000. After he won the money, a criminal ran past him. SpongeBob, not thinking it was his business, ignored him.

Later, after he came home, he saw his aunt sitting on the couch crying very hard and told SpongeBob that his uncle Sherm was just murdered. Police were there at the house at the same time and told SpongeBob that he was going towards the Sea Needle to hide.

SpongeBob pursued the murderer until he was at the Sea Needle. The shock then killed the man. SpongeBob took off the ski mask and realized that he could have stopped him when he had the chance and vowed to never forget his uncle's words, "With great power, come great responsibility."

SpongeBob then took the identity Spider-Sponge and began halting criminals. To make some money, he worked at the Krabby Kronicle taking pictures of himself, however, nobody knew that but him. He was a well-known citizen, but the Kronicle's editor, Eugene Krabs said he was a public menace. Despite this, Spider-Sponge persevered in his career. He kept his identity secret so his aunt Samantha wouldn't possibly have a heart attack.