Pizza Castle is a local restaurant located in Downtown Bikini Bottom that Patrick once mentioned. It was first opened on September 13, 1959 by the richest man of Bikini Bottom at the time, Sir Gordon G. Fishbanks.


In 1958, Sir Gordon G. Fishbanks, the richest man of Bikini Bottom, wanted to own a restaurant that would serve exquisite pizza and ice cream to the Bikini Bottom residents. He then bought an abandoned building from Mayor Tibbet for 4,348,000 dollars. During the rest of 1958 and into most of 1959, it was turned into a paradise that served delicious pizza!! The original name however was Fishbank's Pizza. This first slogan wasn't attracting many customers. So it was changed to Pizza Castle. In 1961 it already gained over 1,017 regular customers. Fishbanks however died in 1962 after an avalanche accident. From then until 1977 it was owned by a greedy man named Mr. Fishbones. But then Fishbank's son, Perry M. Fishbanks bought the restaurant and gained its popularity again. In 1989, it reached to 45,000,000 customers and was famed restaurant of the year until it was surpassed by the Krusty Krab in 1993. It gained Restaurant of the Year again in 1998 when it reached to 150,000,000 customers! Again it was surpassed in 2000. Then it got restaurant of the year again in 2003 when it reached 15,000,000,000 customers!! AGAIN, surpassed in 2007 and then yet made a comeback at this award in 2013 when it reached 238,000,000,000 customers. As of July 2013, they now sell Pizza Castle Cookables. The current mayor of the city, Mayor O-Neil wants to try out this idea by 2014.

Customer of the Year Nominations

Nancy - 1992 - 1995

Patrick Star - 1995 - 2006!! (HE IS THE RESTURANT'S FAVORITE CUSTOMER!)

Flats - 2006 - 2006

Harold - 2006 - 2013

Mayor O-Neil - 2013 - 2014

Patrick Star (reelected for favorite customer) 2014 - present