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Series 1

# Title Brief Summary Title Card
1a High Afterschool SpongeBob is threatened by Flats for calling him "Freak of Flounders". No one will protect him. Can SpongeBob save himself?
1b Copy Pat Patrick gets rescued by SpongeBob and Patrick copies him. What will SpongeBob do?
2a Squidward's L-ame Show So Squidward's decides to set up a game show called the L-ame Show and tells SpongeBob and Patrick to take part in it.
2b Art 101
3a Sand Wars During a visit to Goo Lagoon, SpongeBob enters a sandcastle-building contest. Larry also enters, and is eager to win the prize. They eventually become incredibly competitive and start to wreak each other's humungous sand "forts". But soon, all of the remains fly over to Squidward's beach towel, and Squidward wins the contest.
3b Trading Places When wanting to use more of his 2,000 dollar-a-day contract on fun than on bills for his 3,674 room house, Squilliam plans to down-size. He soon finds Squidward's house and falls in love with it, which eventually leads him to giving his arch-rival his old house, everything in it, and his job. AND he promises to be the best neighbor towards...whoever lives next-door. Squilliam soon finds himself trapped in various, goofy holidays made up by SpongeBob and Patrick, who eventually sabotage everything that could get Squilliam out of this nightmare (ex. freezing his bike, turning his car into a washing machine). After 3 months, Squilliam overhears SB & P going to watch Squidward on a talk-show. Squilliam watches out of a window, and sees that Squidward lies about how he became rich and famous. So Squilliam devises a plot, which sends him, SpongeBob, and Patrick over to the studio, where Squidward yells at his "number 1 fans", and so everybody hates him now. Squilliam then moves back into his 3,674 room house, and Squidward comes back to the nightmare.
4a Patrick StrongPants Patrick beats up Sandy after she slaps him and SpongeBob makes fun of her defeat over the intercom and all the tough people laugh, who are at the Krusty Krab 2. Patrick then challenges to fight Don the Whale, Larry the Lobster, and Timmy the Shark, but SpongeBob thinks this is getting too far.
4b Jelly-Monster It's Tuesday, and SpongeBob and Patrick are jellyfishing at Jellyfish Fields, but a jelly-monster comes and swallows SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs. Will they get the Jelly-Monster out of Jellyfish Fields?
5a Boating School Quiz SpongeBob fails his boating school quiz about driving and must take it home and redo it. He tries his best to remember things, but Patrick's distracting his concentration!
5b Tanning Geek Larry stays in the sun too long at Goo Lagoon and gets a tan, but he got a serious third-degree sunburn!
6a Johnny Suds There's a new kid in town and his name is Johnny Suds. Little is known about him except the fact he can blow one mean bubble! After gaining the attention and the apparent friendship of Patrick, a jealous SpongeBob SquarePants challenges Johhny Suds at the Bikini Bottom Bubble Blowing Bash, an annual competition where Bikini Bottomites compete to see who's the town's best bubble blower.
6b Patrick's Big Break After another failed attempt at the clarinet, an irate Squidward throws his clarinet out the window which hits Patrick on the head while waiting for the bus. He piks it up and starts playing it magnificently. A nearby music agaent notices him and signs him up to be a big star. Fame, fortune and money start being thrown at Patrick's feet like there's no tomorrow. Meanwhile, SpongeBob starts missing his best friend and attempts to bring him home.
7a Super Surfing Competition SpongeBob thinks he can get some respect if he wins the Super Surfing competition, but has to train up for it. When the day comes, he finds out Sandy has entered. Will he intentionally lose for Sandy's sake?
7b Return of Confess-A-Bear After Patrick throws Confess-a-bear away, Bikini bottom gets the surprise of their life when he comes back... but not alone. He came with some "friends"......
8a From Wheels to Heels Tired of all the bills and breakdowns she has to experience from SpongeBob every week, Mrs. Puff decides to close down her boating school and turn it into a shoe store. A distraught SpongeBob tries to convince his former boating school teacher to become a boating teacher again, but nothing seems to work.
8b Three's A Crowd When Uncle Sherm is evicted from his house, he and Stanley SquarePants decide to move in with SpongeBob, but the two soon over stay their welcome and start wrecking everything in the house, much to SpongeBob's dismay. How can SpongeBob tell his relatives to leave without hurting their feelings?
9a The Aliens Are Coming! SpongeBob and Patrick see an U.F.O. and try to tell the police about it, but no one seems to believe them.
9b Plankton Goes Abroad Plankton tries to sell his chum in Rock Bottom and succeeds.
10a Squid Racer Squidward gets tired of the clarinet; he realizes that he's getting nowhere with it. He then becomes a racecar dirver and leaves Bikini Bottom forever. SpongeBob and Pat miss him and try to get him to come back and unintentionally ruin his racecar dreams.
10b Sponge Rider When SpongeBob fails his boating exam for the 1 trillionth time(A new Record), he asks Sandy to build a boat that can drive by itself so he can get his license. Unfortunately, the boat turns evil and starts destroying Bikini Bottom. Can SpongeBob stop the boat,before everyone gets run over?
11a Uncle Sherm's Visit Uncle Sherm visits SpongeBob.
11b Light the Way Plankton's next evil plan to get the Krabby Patty formula involves shutting off all of the power in Bikini Bottom. He follows through with this plan, trapping all of the customers (and Mr. Krabs, Squidward, and SpongeBob, of course) inside the Krusty Krab. Everyone is unable to escape because the new automatic doors for the Krusty Krab require electricity. With everyone trying to find their way around, Plankton uses this chance to take the Krabby Patty formula. However, he's going to have to avoid getting squashed first. What is going to happen of all of this?
12a Photo Finish Recent drop in sales have made Mr. Krabs stricter than ever especially to Squidward who now isn't allowed to read magizines, have bathroom breaks over 30 seconds and he can't take naps. After a week of this, Mr. Krabs looks through his photo album(while cleaning out his attic) when he sees an embarrassing picture of himself. He puts it in his back pocket to get rid of later, but he leaves the window open and the wind carries the picture out which lands right in front of Squidward's front yard. When Squidward sees the picture, he hatches a sinister plot to get back at Mr. Krabs. He intends to use the picture and exploit Mr. Krabs or else he'll expose it to the public media. SpongeBob is horrified of Squidward' actions and does everything he can to get it back.
12b Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy 1 Manray and the Dirty Bubble are once again foiled by the elderly duo of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. The evil pair decide that instead of beating MM & BB through physical force, they decide to divide the two emotionally so they hire a beautiful villaness to break Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy up for good. Their plan works but SpongeBob and Patrick won't stand for it as they try to unite the heroes to stop DB & MR from destroying Bikini Bottom.
13a Rule of Snails Gary takes over when he becomes king and turns Bikini Bottom into "Snail Bottom". After 3 months of parties and pampering he misses SpongeBob and all other the other fish so he invites them back. But they decide to stay where they are due to what gary did. But they then find themselves lost in a forest. So Gary sets out to find them.
13b Fixer Sponge When SpongeBob throws a party he breaks most items in his house. He fixes the items, and has another party. More items get broke so he fixes them. But the third time he really breaks the house and when he attempts to fix them, he breaks them more. He throws a party somewhere else every weekend until he misses home and decides he can just buy new furnature. But when he arrives home he finds his friends fixed up the old ones.
14a The Monster SpongeBob and Patrick find a comic about monsters under the bed and in the closet. SpongeBob checks all his house before going to sleep that night, After hearing common noises he stays up all night hunting, The next day at the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob is still very scared and keeps hunting. Then Mr. Krabs tells a story about the vanishing monster trick and repeatedly does it, in front of the whole town.
14b Berry Scary
15a Truth of Gold Mr. Krabs picks up a bar of gold and accidentally flushes it in the toilet. Mr. Krabs orders SpongeBob and Squidward to get it for him.
15b Patties With Eggs SpongeBob and Squidward make eggy patties and sell it to all parts of Bikini Bottom.
16a Happier Days SpongeBob can't help being happy.
16b Toilet Adventures Mr. Krabs flushes his money in the toilet and SpongeBob Patrick and Squidward need to retrieve it.
17a Summer of the Sponge
17b Plankton's Revenge After Plankton's 1000th unsuccess of trying to steal the Krabby Patty Secret Formula, he decides that he's going to be good so he can get to steal the Krabby Patty Secret Formula.
18a Rock Sweet Home
18b Angry Shell
19a Captured Soap SpongeBob's golden soap goes missing and SpongeBob desperately wants to find it.
19b Squidward's Dancing Trouble Squidward tries to dance ballet but SpongeBob and Patrick interfere by playing basketball.
20a I See The Sea Shore While playing a game of Truth or Dare with Patrick, Patrick dares SpongeBob to go on land. Without thinking, SpongeBob does it.After climbing up to the highest mountain in Bikini Bottom, he jumps up to find himself stranded on a deserted island, without any water. Surrounded by palm trees, he can't get out. His only hope is for Patrick to save him!
20b Spongy Business When SpongeBob runs out of food for him and Gary, he realizes he doesn't have enough money to buy food anymore from working at the Krusty Krab, so he decides to get a part-time job as an banker, an accountant, a doctor ETC and no matter what, he fails. Finally, he finds a job as a security guard, so he takes it. But what he doesn't realize, is that he is working at the Chum Bucket! Plankton offers SpongeBob this job just so he could get the secret formula! Will SpongeBob fall for it?
21a Momma Knows Best SpongeBob decides to bake delicious sweets on Mother's Day as a surprise.
21b Candle in the Breeze When Karen purchases candles, it gives Plankton a new scheme that could allow him to obtain the formula. The plan is to flood the KK with melted wax and wait for it to harden/solidify, trapping everyone on the interior.
22 Driving Mrs. Puff Crazy Mrs. Puff doesn't have a ride to Boating School when her boat breaks down in her driveway. So she keeps trying to find a way to get to Boating School without having to ask SpongeBob.
23a Guess Or Not Mr. Krabs gets the chance of a lifetime when he is invited to become a contestant on a quiz show, and SpongeBob is asked to be the host. The winner gets $1,000,000. Unfortunately, Plankton has also been asked to become a contestant too, and he continually sabotages Mr. Krabs.
23b SpongeBob & Squidward's Road Trip Tired of SpongeBob and Patrick bothering him every single day, Squidward takes SpongeBob and Patrick to Glove Universe in hopes of leaving them there. However, he ends up getting all three of them lost.
24a Mad Science! Sandy gets invited to go to Science Camp. Of course this does mean she won't always be around to see SpongeBob anymore, so they say their goodbyes. Little do they know that the Science Camp is just another one of Plankton's schemes to get the Krabby Patty formula. At the end of the episode, Squidward apparently got invited to go to Clarinet Camp.
24b Bubble Town SpongeBob and Patrick find themselves in a town made completely out of bubbles. With bubble everything - bubble skyscrapers, bubble elevators, even bubble people.
25 The Island of Chum
26a A Phsyco Nutty Experience Squidward and another squid named Fredward go see a physcoligest since SpongeBob annoys them both, but when they persuade Sandy to tell SpongeBob, Squidward and Fredward want SpongeBob to move, SpongeBob has ate a mind-reading nut, he is offended that Sandy wants to tell him something so horrible, he cries so hard, he brings Squidward and Fredward back, only to find that the tears have Fredward unveil who he really is, Squilliam! It turns out Squilliam lives next to the Krusty Krab and eats there everyday as Fredward, but is annoyed by SpongeBob. Squidward is so happy, that he runs home, and tells SpongeBob as long he anooys Squilliam, he can stay forever! Patrick then enters the physiologist and tells him he thinks he's smart and then asks him who he is.
26b Ghostly Real Estate The Flying Dutchman has bought the Chum Bucket, and is attracting more customers than Mr. Krabs. SpongeBob tries to give him a Kelp pizza, but learns that Plankton is in the abandoned Flying Dutchman caves and calling it Chum Caves. Once SpongeBob convinces both to return to their properties, Mr. Krabs learns that Plankton is laser-zapping The Krusty Krab, so he and SpongeBob go in search of The Flying Dutchman so he can buy the Chum Bucket again!

Series 2

# Title Brief Summary Title Card
27/28 Plankton's Great Escape
29 Who Floats In A Pineapple Under The Sea? Tired of SpongeBob bothering him all day long, Squidward ties balloons to the top of SpongeBob's house, causing SpongeBob, Patrick, Gary, and the house to float across Bikini Bottom.
30a Piece of Cake It is Mr. Krabs's birthday and he asks SpongeBob to make him a Krabby Patty cake.
30b The Patrick Shuffle Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, Sandy, and Squidward are captured by the Flying Dutchman and will only be set free when they defeat Patrick in a game of cards.
31a Micro Hacker Mr. Krabs decides to putup a Krusty Krab website to attract customers and puts everything about the KK on the website, even the secret formula! However, it's in a secret file that no one but him knows. Plankton finds out about it and hacks the website to try to find it.
31b The Nutty Experiment Sandy makes a serum called BU-3XV which will increase muscle mass by 92% but it is very unstable. Patrick, who is walking nearby, wants to come in the treedome because he's thirsty. Sandy lets him in, but Patrick drinks the serum thinking it's lemonade. The serum works to perfection and Patrcik has the body of Neptune threefold which instantly gives him attention and he soon becomes Bikini Bottom's top model and travels all around the world forgetting about his friends, including SpongeBob. However, due to the effects of the serum, his aggression levels spike to dangerous heights and he starts acting crazy. Now, Sandy and SpongeBob must stop Patrcik before he destroys everything in his path.
32a Sabotage in B Minor Squidward enters a radio contest where the 104th caller wins two free tickets for front row fora clarinet concert, will win $10,000 and ride in a limo to the premiere of the concert. Squidward doesn't win, but is surprised to find out that Patrick does(he was just trying to order a pizza). He's even more dismayed that Patrick wants to make SpongeBob his plus one so Squidward decides that if he can't go, SpongeBob can't either.
32b Mother of Pearl Pearl feels depressed because all her friends have moms, but she doesn't so she sets her dad up on numerous blind dates hoping that he marries one fo them. After about twenty tries, he finds the perfect one, but it's really Plankton in disguise hoping he can fool Krabs into giving him the Krabby Patty Formula.
33a Buried Pleasure Squidward's pet parrot dies and while he's digging him a grave in his backyard, he discovers a seemingly useless comb and he throws it in SpongeBob's front yard. SpongeBob finds it and takes it inside. Squidward then realizes the comb was used by the pioneer's wife that founded Bikini Bottom and is worth millions so Squidward tries to convince Sponegob to give it to him.
33b Money and Music
34a Helpful Bob Squidward gets too far in hating SpongeBob, so SpongeBob decides to be helpful to Squidward.
34b Tooth Problems SpongeBob grows another buck tooth and becomes the laughing stock of Bikini Bottom. He does everything just to remove it but it can't come off. SpongeBob goes to a dentist. The dentist suggests that SpongeBob should get rid of his buck teeth and replace it with new buck teeth. SpongeBob did so. From that moment, SpongeBob's buck teeth remained only 2 not 3.
35a Carin' for Karen Karen comes down with a nasty virus and she needs Plankton to take care of her, but Plankton wants to steal the formula. Basically, this episode is all about Plankton trying to sneak out the Chum Bucket to get the formula and getting caught by Karen.
35b Photo Finish While cleaning his attic, Mr. Krabs comes across an embarrassing photo of himself. He puts it in his back pocket, but he leaves the window open and the wind picks up the picture and it lands right in Squidward's fornt door which Squidward finds on his way to work the next day. When Mr.Krabs starts acting more strict than ever, Squidward decides to use the photo to his advantage by threatening to reveal it to the public unless Mr. Krabs does whatever he wants.
36a Time After Time SpongeBob gets fired for forgetting the ingredient that makes the Krabby Patty so good, and gives all the costomers food poisoning. He tries working at The Chum Bucket,taking a pottery class, and inventing something. Finally, he just gives up and lays in bed listening to "Time After Time" over and over again. The next day Mr. Krabs goes to SpongeBob's to tell him that he can have is job back, only to find that he's dead.
36b Race to the Recipe Plankton steals the Krabby Patty recipe, when he's at The Chum Bucket he left it on a rocket, suddenly it launches it self by accident. Now SpongeBob, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, & Plankton must find the Krabby Patty recipe.
37 Loathing, It's Elated Loathing When SpongeBob realizes that Squidward does not actually like him, SpongeBob starts not liking Squidward back, and Squidward realizes that he actually likes SpongeBob.
38a Story of a Squid It's SpongeBob and Squidward's 10 year high school reunion, and Squidward decides to tell him why he doesn't like him, since they used to be best friends! However a series of story telling events make them realize Squidward was annoying SpongeBob too much!
38b Krusty Mr. Krabs creates a new website board called Krusty However, when a spammer is lose, Mr. Krabs gets SpongeBob (Iheartkrabbypatties) and Squidward (mrkrabssmells482) to go inside the computer. They find the spammer, and it's Plankton (ImAShark)! Can they stop him?
39a Krusty Arcade While on holiday, Mr Krabs goes to an arcade an wastes loads of money playing on arcade machines. When he gets back, he sees this as a great money opportunity for money and turns the Krusty Krab into an arcade! Everyone becomes obsessed with them apart from SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward. Soon, the entire town turn into square-eyed zombie fish and its up to the trio to turn them normal by smashing every arcade machine in town.
39b Starfish Hangout Patrick's entire family are coming to celebrate Starfish Day, but his rock home is too small to fit everyone in, so he asks SpongeBob to help him build a bigger house. They go slightly over the top and make a giant hotel with posh furniture. Soon, the place gets so noisy and crowded that the residents of Bikini Bottom start to complain and form an angry mob. They burn down the entire place leaving Patrick with only his small rock. They build another one that takes them forever and makes them really tired, then Patrick finds out they can't even make the day.
40a The Itch Dance Patrick enters a dancing contest and gets an extremly back itch. So the judges think it's a new dance so they vote for him and he then becomes famous. Then he finds out he has to perform and the itch goes away. So he tries to create a similar dance and tries to do the same thing again. After many failed attempts he quits his career.
40b Bubble Blowing Blast SpongeBob blows a HUGE bubble that brings Bikini Bottom to "Explosion Bottom" where all explosives are re-exploded daily and SpongeBob tries to save everyone, In the end SpongeBob thought he failed but he finds out 10 steps away was back where bikini bottom used to be!
41a Fine Dining Plankton takes Karen to a fine restaurant and Patrick is their waiter.
41b Singing SpongeBob and Patrick have a music class to go to and Squidward is the teacher.
42a Blah, Blah and Blah Squidward says so many mean things that The Flying Dutchman makes him only say blah. So Patrick thinks a new language and he starts saying blah, followed to SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, Karen, Pearl, Gary, Larry, and all threw bikini bottom to Sandy which she stops the madness.
42b SpongeBob Musical SpongeBob wins a sweepstakes to be in a musical in Sea-Leberty Seas and gets to invite 12 friends, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Sandy, Plankton, Karen, Pearl, Gary, Larry, Mermaidman, Barnacleboy and Old Man Jenkins. but the director is none other than The Sinister Slug!
43a Sponge in Love SpongeBob falls in love with Sandy.
43b Hypno-Pat Plankton hypnotises Patrick into buying a Krabby Patty for him.
44a Bubble Bass Returns Bubble Bass returns to pick a fight with SpongeBob
44b Plankton's Cousins Plankton's cousins return. This time, they're staying for good.
45a Under My Rock Patrick sings about his house.
45b Gary's Snail Tales
46 Internet: Part 1 Patrick and SpongeBob discover underwater internet.
47 Internet: Part 2 When the whole town is illegally downloading music from the internet, Bikini Bottom becomes military property.
48 Internet: Part 3 SpongeBob and Patrick are able to escape the walls around the town and get help; Squidward becomes a general in the army.
49 Internet: Part 4 In a series of discussions and chaos, Barnacle Boy agrees to help; Mr. Krabs and Sandy attempt to take back the city, only for it to be ruined by Plankton, who is the dictator of the town.
50 Internet: Part 5 Barnacle Boy is able to stop the military and take back the internet for all underseas critters.
51a Money Planet Mr. Krabs goes on a game show.
51b Mr. Squidward Squidward takes over Mrs. Puff's school.
52a A Cereal Comedy SpongeBob causes chaos at a cereal company.
52b Up To Texas Sandy thinks she should go back to Texas, but she isn't sure.

Series 3

# Title Brief Summary Title Card
53a Cooking Catastrophe SpongeBob and Patrick are hired to make meals for Squidward.
53b Spatula Of Gold Mr. Krabs tries to steal SpongeBob's spatula when he wants to replace it.
54a Krustaceous Kons SpongeBob must be Mr. Krab's bodyguard when the tax collectors are after Krabs.
54b Uncle Sherm's Perm Uncle Sherm comes to town and gives everyone weird hairstyles.
55a The Jellyfish Effect SpongeBob tries saving jellyfish from becoming extinct.
55b My One Of A Kind Squidward loses his clarinet.
56a Whose Dine is it Anyway?
56b Amazing Wrench
57a The New Growth of Plankton
57b My Sponges
58a Fourth Wall
58b For Pattier or Worse
59a The Not-So-Supernatural
59b A Spongy Telethon
60 Flying Saucer Blues
61a Star's a Star Patrick finds a talent that makes him famous over Bikini Bottom.
61b Should I Stay or Should I Go? A science group looks for a new member, so they ask Sandy to join. But there's a catch. she has to move to Ukulele Bottom if she accepts.
62a Squiddy Snacks Squidward quits the Krusty Krab and finds an old family recipe lying around called Squiddy Snacks and sells them to the public. It's a success, but problems occur when there is an overload of customers.
62b SpongeBob at the Sock Hop The Krusty Krab holds its annual 50's night, and they have a new addition. A sock hop. When SpongeBob asks Sandy to the Sock Hop, things change between them.
63 Save a Life Plankton puts the citizens lives of Bikini Bottom in danger, and SpongeBob figures out he must save them.
64a Boating Fool SpongeBob tells everyone he will get his license on this 999999,99999999,999 time in a row, And he ends up failing, So he lies and tells everyone he did get his license.
64b Nothing Patrick wins lots of awards for doing nothing.
65a Another day, Another Done SpongeBob tries to get everything done in one week
65b PlankBob Plankton dresses up as SpongeBob to get the formula from Mr. Krabs.
66 SpongeBob's Life Story The life story of SpongeBob SquarePants.
67 SpongeSchool The life in school of SpongeBob SquarePants.
68a Sandy's Pet Sandy brings a dog home from her visit from Texas.
68b Fame or Pain
69a Danger Ranger
69b The New Girl
70a Late for a Date
70b Sarah Or Sandy
71a My New Hat One day while walking to work, the wind blows SpongeBob's hat off! Then he goes on a search for it. But after he can't find it he gets a new hat. But it isn't the same. But his hat comes back.
71b Patrick Moves In After patrick gets evicted from his rock, he moves in with SpongeBob. At first it's great but then when SpongeBob starts asking Patrick for help around the house, Patrick makes it his mission to get his rock house back.
72a Kiddy Chum Plankton makes Kiddy Chum to try to get more business in his restaurant. But soon the Chum Bucket is overrun with annoying kids and Plankton has to get them out!
72b Spaced Out SpongeBob goes to the Bikini Bottom Space Museum and messes everything up. Now he has to clean up the mess before the museum owner comes back from his lunch.
73a Mermaidman's Worst Enemy Mermaidman's brother comes to town, but to destroy Bikini Bottom, because he is a villain. but Mermaidman and Barnacleboy are on vacation. So Patrick and SpongeBob must stop him
73b Patrick Star: A True Star Patrick gets the chance to star in a big movie and he excepts. Then he becomes so smug that no one will even talk to him. until he quits the movie biz.
74a Mystery's Return When Mystery returns, SpongeBob takes her in as a pet again and gives her lots of attention making Gary jealous.
74b Bubble Bummy Bubble Buddy comes back to Bikini Bottom and starts freeloading off of SpongeBob.
75 SpongeBob and the Kelp Bar Factory SpongeBob's second favorite food, Kelp Bar, is holding a contest of who can find 5 green tickets. The people who find them get to tour the factory with the owner Konny Kelp. So SpongeBob looks for it everywhere, but no luck. After the first fours tickets were found, he was sure he wasn't going to find one. But one day he does! One the day of tour, he brings Patrick along. They and the other winners are introduced to Konny Kelp and his Pooky Dookies who are little midgets who work there and sing songs. During the tour Konny Kelp announces that someone out of all of them will win a lifetime supply of Kelp Bars. Will SpongeBob and Patrick will win the lifetime supply of Kelp Bars or just make a fool of themselves?
76a The Deadly Aankle When SpongeBob twists his ankle he has trouble walking. He refuses to go get it checked out. When he almost late for work Mr. Krabs lets him take the day off to get it checked out does he go or not?
76b The Lossie Toothie When SpongeBob admits one of his teeth never became loose everyone is worried but when it does get loose SpongeBob keeps getting headaches. Is something wrong?
77a Bubbly Twin Bubble Buddy's evil twin comes to Bikini Bottom to get revenge on him for not letting him appear in"Bubble Buddy".
77b The New Patty When Patrick comes up with a new patty, it becomes so famous, he replaces SpongeBob. Now Spogebob must sapatosh Patrick's patties so he can have his job back.
78a How they Met In this episode we get to see how SpongeBob got Gary, how SpongeBob met Patrick and Squidward, and what Sandy's life was like before coming to Bikini Bottom.
78b Squidward Fancyson Squillium is back to tell Squidward that they are brothers.

Series 4

# Title Brief Summary Title Card
79a Family Day Everybody's family visits.
79b Wheel of Starfish SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, and Plankton participate in a new game show, Wheel of Starfish. But Sandy answers every question.
80a Strange Krab A strange crab visits and claims to be Mr. Krabs cousin. Is it another one of Plankton's schemes?
80b Fishymon Bikini Bottom gets hooked on a new card game, Fishymon.
81a The Incredible Shrinking Sponge Plankton builds a shrink ray and shrinks Mr. Krabs, Squidward, and SpongeBob.
81b Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy 2 SpongeBob, Squidward, Sandy, and Patrick become heroes again with new teammates Mr. Krabs, Pearl, and Gary to save Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy from Plankton and dennace. Mr. Krabs becomes the money mullosk with the power to shoot money, Pearl becomes princess of pain with the power to use karate and gymnastics, and Gary becomes super snail with the power to fly and screech.
82a The Return of Doodlebob The pencil is back and Squidward finds it and draws Squidraw and Squiddraw draws Patdoodle and Patdoodle draws Doodlebob and so on.. can the originals beat the drawings?
82b Geniebob SquarePants A magic clam cant give pearls until it gives 10 wishes. So it goes to Bikini Bottom to give wishes but things don't go as planned.
83a Boat Of A Barnacle After finally getting is driver's license, SpongeBob feels confident, but what happens when he mistakenly leaves his car ON in the middle of the night?
83b The Secret Life Of Squilliam Fancyson Squidward visits Squilliam and realizes that Squilliam isn't so fortunate after all.
84a Fancy Pants SpongeBob becomes very formal and changes his name to Robert, so his friends must get him back to normal.
84b Mermaid Woman And Barnacle Girl Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy meet their wives from the old days.
85a Water Pipes The water is being polluted and only SpongeBob can stop it.
85b Mermaid boy SpongeBob watches some old Mermaidman episodes.
86a Coral Maze Patrick is lost in Goo lagoon and the tide is coming in.
86b Plankton's Mystical Plan Plankton opens a rift portal that will take you anywhere you want in Planktons words, The Krusty Krab!
87 Fairly Odd SquarePants Plankton kidnaps Cosmo and Wanda to steal the formula fortunately SpongeBob and Patrick must work together to pose as Cosmo and Wanda as the real ones.
88a Blue Eyes And The SquarePants Plankton makes SpongeBob clones.
88b Formula Foes Squidward and SpongeBob form the Step on the Green club put when Patrick joins. Meanwhile, Mr. Krabs opens it as a public club!
89a Snuffy Squid SpongeBob, Squidward,and Mr. Krabs meet a competitor. NOT PLANKTON... But Mr.Squid's! Mr. Squid's is the OPPOSITE of Krabs. He is a big spender, doesn't have all that money, and is a squid. BUT, now they will have some things in common: They both have a restaurant with similar names (Snuffly Squid and Krusty Krab) Their menu both has similar names (Snuffly Sandwich, Krabby Patty). Snuffy Squid gets all the FAME, and most importantly, MONEY! Mr. Krab's restaurant hasn't had any costumers in days and needs to get to the bottom of this! So he sneaks over to Snuffly Squid restaurant at closing time and find what is REALLY in Mr. Squid's food.... AND WHAT HIS RESTAURANT is REALLY DOING to other fishes.... Mr. Krab's is ready to tell the Head Chef's at the ABRC (Anti-Bad Restaurants Company) When suddenly, Mr. Krabs realizes something! Mr. Squids is old and missed friend who moved away when Krabs was in grade school, and start hanging out again. Still, nobody comes to Krab's restaurant. Now Mr.Krabs has to choose: His restaurant and his employees... Or a fellow friend?
89b The New Sponge In Town There isa new sponge in SpongeBob's boating school class: SallySam SphereShorts. SpongeBob has the hots for the new girl and asks around for help... Patrick doesn't know anything.... Mr. Krab's is too worried about Plankton and Plankton is to worried about Krabs. Sandy is doing something, and SpongeBob is afraid to ask the other fishes because he thinks they will laugh.Now, he's stuck with SquidW's advice! SpongeBob bargains that if he helps get him and SallySam on a date, he will move away and marry SallySam. Squidward agrees to help but gives SpongeBob bad advice... Things go TERRIBLY WRONG on the date. SpongeBob spills Diet Kelp Drink on Sally's SphereShorts, and the waiter found a HAIR in her Sub! Squidward is very sneaky and gives SpongeBob more terrible advice so he moves. The date goes horrible, but SpongeBob must move! Meanwhile, "Spy" Sandy and "Spy PROFESSOR" Patrick go into business trying to find "THE GHOST OF SCOOTER."
90a Tearing Down GloveWorld Patrick and SpongeBob's favorite amusement park is getting torn down. SpongeBob and Patrick try to make a stand. Meanwhile, Suzie Fish and Jack B. try to find treasure which unfortunately leads them to... Patrick's rock..... and to Patrick's "island" of donuts!
90b Friends for Never SpongeBob is using the computer at work when comes across crazy email saying "Make true friends Jack B. and Suzie Fish hate eachother or the worst will happen" So SpongeBob does just that. SpongeBob feels guilty that he made his two close friends hate each other, so tells the "mystery person" to do its worst. But unfortunately, the "worst thing" is patrick's old donut!
91a Sea World
91b Dusty
92 Community Service Community Service
93a The Day After the Next Day
93b Get Spongey or Die Tryin'
94a SpongeBob & the Sandman
94b Freedom Sponge
95a Sponge Thug
95b Keep Dreaming
96a Land Friends
96b Truck
97 Krab for Life
98a Frankenkrabs SpongeBob thinks he turned Mr. Krabs into a giant.
98b Neptune's Planet
99 SpongeBob's Vacation
100 Happy 100th Episode SpongeBob
101 Frank Further Furders Oh My! Determined to do anything strange, Frank becomes pranked by a magic bratwurst. Can SpongeBob stop the bratwurst?
102a Band for Squidward
102b SuperPatrick
103 SpongeBob's Birthday
104a Sandy and the Chipmunks SANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A group of chipmunks fall into a mall. They become pop stars and a man wants them to be dead.
104b Larry Moves In

Series 5

# Title Brief Summary Title Card
105a Hypno SpongeBob
105b Puffed Out Mrs. Puff
106 Medevil SquarePants
107a Merry Easterween
107b Fappy Heet
108a Fun is a Bum SpongeBob and Patrick try to have fun, but fail.
108b Beans To The Finish After Squidward eats lots of beans and other gassy foods, he grows very large and SpongeBob and Patrick try to help him get back to normal.
109a Truck Trouble SpongeBob finally gets his drivers license and gets a new truck. Unfortunately, it gets wrecked.
109b Time Waits For No Starfish
110a Squidfoot Squidward finds out he is related to Bigfoot, and hear that he is coming to Bikini Bottom for a visit. Expecting the worst, Squidward dresses up in a hairy costume and changes his name temporarily for the visit. Unfortunately, Bigfoot is staying longer than Squidward had expected, so he asks SpongeBob and Patrick to help get Bigfoot out.
110b Unhappy Fins A parody of Happy Feet, with SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward dressed up as penguin-fish.
111a I Chitter When I'm Bitter Sandy goes crazy.
111b PatBob StarPants SpongeBob and Patrick get combined by Sandy's "new and improved".
112a Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy 3 Mermaid Man is lost and SpongeBob, Patrick, along with other people have to find him.
112b Happy Me! After a lab accident Plankton is nicer.
113a Luck Be a Krab Tonight It's Mr. Krabs lucky day to get all of the money.
113b The Fame Of Evil SpongeBob teams up with Plankton in order to save his friends from Mr. Dimentor, the evil reality wizard.
114 Operation L.Y.O.K.O Sandy's electricifier sends SpongeBob to a different world called Kadic Academy, where a super computer called Lyoko lies. Can SpongeBob get home safely?
115a No Squirrels Allowed Sandy has to find a new home to stay in while her treedome is being rebuilt because of an explosion in her treedome from a science experiment.
115b Pirates of Bikini Bottom SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs,and others search for King Krabs' secret formula which he hid before he was executed.
116a Teacher's Pet Lately, SpongeBob has been doing good at Boating School. Mrs. Puff notices that SpongeBob is acting perfect. SpongeBob tries to be a teacher's pet by giving her favorite food, passing in boating school and not goofing off. However, Mrs. Puff doesn't need a teacher's pet! How can she say it to SpongeBob?
116b Sandy Dumbpants Lately, SpongeBob notices that Sandy is acting weird. So SpongeBob sneaks inside her treedome and is very surprising. The tree is damaged and worse, Sandy cut her fur! SpongeBob finds out that Sandy had amnesia.
117a Robots Rule! To take over Bikini Bottom, Plankton makes a machine that can create robots. Plankton seems to be having fun that the robots are planning to destroy him and the Chum Bucket!
117b Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy 4 Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy are planning to leave Bikini Bottom. When SpongeBob and Patrick hear this, they both are crushed. So what they do is to let them stay. But it has no effect! What will Mermaidman and Barnacleboy do when Man Ray and the Dirty Bubble plan to destroy Bikini Bottom?
118a The Computer Sandy introduces the computer to SpongeBob,SpongeBob tells everyone in bikini bottom about it and it soon becomes a craze!
118b Miracle on Conch Street SpongeBob goes in debt problems, Patrick forgets how to use his underwear and Squidward loses his voice. They all blame it on a fish who walks around and gives bad luck, but gives the worst luck when SpongeBob's hero dies. Only a true wizard and/or wicked dude with superific powers can unleash their bad luck...
119a The All New SpongeBob SquarePants After getting hit by an ice cream truck, SpongeBob begins to act rude to Sandy, Mrs. Puff, Squidward, Mr. Krabs and Patrick! Now SpongeBob starts working for the Chum Bucket and tells Plankton the secret recipe. Plankton is delighted to have SpongeBob as a fry cook. How will the Bikini Bottom residents get the old SpongeBob back?
119b Happy Birthday, Patrick! It's Patrick's birthday! SpongeBob and Sandy are very excited when Patrick sees his surprise. But all Patrick wants is to spend time with SpongeBob jellyfishing. So when Patrick sees the surprise, he ruins it and gets angry at SpongeBob and Sandy!
120a The Big Bubble Blowaway While blowing bubbles, Patrick accidentally blows a big one and they float away.
20b The New House on Conch Street SpongeBob reluctantly accepts a dare set by Squidward to see what the new house at Conch Street is like.
121a Send in the Clones SpongeBob makes a clone, but however it disturbs Squidward. Then Patrick accidentally throws a pie at the clone and it is dead.
121b Patrick's Driving Lesson Patrick goes to boating school in order for him to get a new boatmobile. However, Patrick accidentally throws a lemon at Mrs. Puff's face and then Patrick hits a rock and he fails.
122a Spongebot Plankton builds a robot and torches the city.
122b The Three Faces of SpongeBob SpongeBob hits a pole and has go to the hospital, but when Gill Gilliams removes the bandages, SpongeBob looks very handsome, but after that, things go kinda worse.
123a New Kid In Town There's a new student in Mrs. Puff's boating school. He is Danny, a sponge who turns out to be great! SpongeBob and Danny have a lot in common. They both love jellyfishing, they both fail boating school and they love to irritate Squidward. SpongeBob seems to be having fun with Danny that he forgets Patrick!
123b Chum Bucket Delivery The Chum Bucket is now delivering food for people. the foods include Chum Burger, Chum Noodles, Chum Fries.... people are now lining up at the Chum Bucket that they already forget the Krusty Krab.
124a Cowbob Ranchpants The price in an undersea rodeo is a chance to guest star on a new episode of Mermaidman and Barnacleboy. So SpongeBob finds his old friend, Mystery the seahorse and enters the rodeo.
124b Sight For Square Eyes SpongeBob's eyes get hit by a laser and he cant see right. The eye doctor gives him a pair of glasses and he loves them. But when his eyes heal, he refuses to take them off. Can his friends get him to take them off before he blindly walks off a cliff?
125a Ms.Flounder Mrs. Puff is fed up with teaching SpongeBob to drive and sends him to Ms. Flounder's class. SpongeBob is having more progress in Ms. Flounder's class than Mrs. Puff's and Puff is suspicious. It turns out that Ms. Flounder treats SpongeBob badly. Can Mrs. Puff right this wrong?
125b Some Friend Patrick gets bonked on the head and falls in love with Sandy. SpongeBob gets jealous and tries to stop them before their relationship gets serious.
126a Curse of The Coral Eye SpongeBob finds a jewel that causes bad things to happen to whoever finds it. After SpongeBob realizes this,he throws it away.But his friends find it.Can SpongeBob save his friends?
126b Krabby Loss The Krusty Krab has been doing successful for years, with its marvelous sandwich, The Krabby Patty. But a new restaurant called "Vernbannter's Burgers" suddenly creates a larger, more better tasting sandwich with fancy condiments and side orders. Now, Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob get together to invent the world's newest version of the patty...
127a Guess Who's for Dinner Patrick is hungry, very hungry. He remembers how tasty the book sat the Bikini Bottom library are.He finds a book and starts eating but he realizes it is a book about Sponges and Starfish. It says that starfishs eat sponges. He then tries to lure into his house and apparently on his dinner plate! Will Patrick eat his best friend or will he spare his little sponge friend?
127b Sandy's Family Sandy is bored. She goes to Patrick's house, but he isn't there. She goes to SpongeBob's house, but he isn't there either. She then goes to the Krusty Krab, but no one is there. Pearl is in the back of the Krusty Krab. Sandy asks Pearl where everyone is. She says Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and SpongeBob are on vacation. Mr. Krabs and Squidward are vacationing near The Great Barrier Reef and SpongeBob and Patrick are at jellyfishing camp. She asks Pearl if she wants to do something but Pearl says she is going to the mall. Sandy sits at the treedome alone, until her parents, little brother, and big sister shows up! When SpongeBob, Patrick and the rest return, they are invited to dinner with her family. But the others realise that her accused family are actually spies trying to steal her new invention,"The Super Swimmer 1000".Can the gang convince Sandy of her fake family's truth?
128a SpongeBetty SquareDress A new female sponge named SpongBetty SquareDress moves to town, and SpongeBob develops a crush on her! She is nice to everyone in Bikini Bottom except Sandy. SpongeBob asks SpongeBetty out for a date and she replies with a yes. Sandy is fine with this until Spongebetty insults Sandy and she gets jealous and mad. SpongeBob passes his driving test and Mrs. Puff makes a school dance to celebrate SpongeBob and his classmate's graduation and they can bring 6 friends. Who will are Spongy friend go to the dance with? Sandy or Betty?
128b Mr. Krabs and the Magic Genie Mr. Krabs finds an odd looking lamp on the ground. He picks it up and takes it home. He cleans it and a genie pops out. He wishes for money, lots of money. Then he wishes for an awesome new boatmobile. Then he looks out his window and sees SpongeBob skipping to jellyfish fields. He wonders what it would be like if he was SpongeBob. He wishes that SpongeBob was him and he was SpongeBob. They both enjoy it at first but then start to hate being each other. But the lamp is missing! Will they ever find the lamp and change themselves back or will they be stuck like this forever?
129a Seaquake Silliness SpongeBob and Patrick try to stop a volcano from erupting all over Bikini Bottom.
129b Journey To The Center Of The Sea SpongeBob discovers a map to the center of the sea and invites his friends to go with him.
130a Mermaidman and Barnacleboy 5 Mr. Krabs first goes into the duo's hideout and starts to sell all of the weapons and gizmos.
130b Royal Highness

Series 6

# Title Brief Summary Title Card
131a Jackhammer Star
131b Squid's New Secret
132a Sponge Boat Patrick needs to sail and turns SpongeBob into a boat.
132b Hockey Hoax SpongeBob takes up hockey as a hobby.
133a SpongeBob in Love SpongeBob falls in love with Sandy and work because of it.
133b The Treedome Freedom Sandy's treedome mysteriously shrinks a little bit every night.
134a Michelle Squidward finds a person more annoying than SpongeBob.
134b Shivers The undertoads drag Patrick down and Sandy and SpongeBob must save him.
135a The Secrets of Sponges and Snails
135b Where's Sandy?
136a Broccoli Under! Broccoli creatures abduct Patrick. Now SpongeBob and Sandy have to save him.
136b A Town Called Patrick After SpongeBob didn't say hello to Patrick, he moves to a town called Starfish Bottom, which is full of starfish.
137a Boxer Patrick Patrick tries out for boxing.
137b I've Never Been a Sponge in a Sub Sandy, SpongeBob, and Patrick explore a sunken submarine.
138a Penguin Season! Penguin Season turns out to be a nightmare for the citizens of Bikini Bottom.
138b Are We Blue? After eating blue ice-cream, SpongeBob and Patrick turn blue.
139a Run Idiots, Run Squidward tricks Patrick into the sky is falling.
139b The Big Apple! A half-bitten apple falls onto Patrick's house, making the apple his new home until he can find a new rock.
140a SpongeBob PepperPants Pepper Daisies are growing in SpongeBob's yard, which causing him to sneeze.
140b Attitude Adjustment Patrick attitudes changes after a pebble hits his head.
141a Squid's Moving Day At night, Squidward attempts to move away from SpongeBob and Patrick.
141b 3 Golden Spatulas
142a Shopping Spree! Pearl and her friends go to the mall, which turns outto be a disaster.
142b For Whom the Seacow Bell Tolls SpongeBob takes care of a lost seacow and finds a bell that attracts more.
143a The Other Sponge
143b Laser Cha Cha
144a Secret Foe SpongeBob gets a mysterious note from an unknown villain.
144b Jellyfish Walk SpongeBob trains a jellyfish to act like him.
145a Little Way Plankton sells the Chum Bucket.
145b Mini Squiddy Squidward gets a pet fish.
146a Substitute Teacher Mrs. Puff is sick and hires a substitute teacher, which drives SpongeBob crazy.
146b The Cheese Trio Aliens abduct Squidward's house after they get all the cheese in the sea.
146c Flower Power Daisies grow in the Kelp Forest.And there not ordinary daises.
147a The Comedy of Feathers
147b A Hint in Time
148a Spongey Jumper
148b Patty Patrick
149 Billy Rabbit
150a Prancing in the Rain
150b Hung Cho!
151a Cook Squid
151b K-oed
152a Squirrel Ride
152b Rest Cake
153a Squid's Best Prank On SpongeBob's favorite day of the year, April 1, Squidward decides to prank SpongeBob after learning how to be a prankster. But only SpongeBob can be his pranking teacher!
153b Broken Treedome SpongeBob and Patrick walk into Sandy's house and see that the treedome is broken. They take Sandy to the hospital, and while she's getting cured, SpongeBob and Patrick go to find the criminal who broke the treedome, but of course, thing's aren't going as planned…
154a A Scuffled Sponge After an accident with Sandy,SpongeBob becomes the mean person of Bikini Bottom.
154b Pranks for Nothing
155a Football Bob Circle Pants SpongeBob becomes a substitute Bikini Bottom slug football coach
155b The Most Angriest Squirrel Ever Squidward's personality is still out of wack. None of Sandy's machines work to fix him, so she goes on a rampage.
156a Gary Comes Out Of The Closet Gary won't come out of his shell and SpongeBob wonders why.
156b The Good, The Bad, And The Starfish
156c So In Louvre Are We SpongeBob must stop Sandy from going out with Plankton.

Series 7

# Title Brief Summary Title Card
157a Sponge Racer
157b Touch that Dial
158a The Lost Golden Krabby Patty Every friend of SpongeBob's go to find The Lost Golden Krabby Patty. Plankton tries to race it to them and tell them and ruin the surprise but it turns out that SpongeBob's friends get there frist.
158b Bubbles Go Away SpongeBob and Patrick blow bubles and they go away but try to make a bubble to stay.
159/160 A Bikini Bottom Tale SpongeBob falls in love with Sandy. Plankton takes over the world. It's up to SpongeBob and Sandy to stop Plankton. Plankton is squished. SpongeBob and Sandy live happly ever after.
161a Who Is This Guy?
161b I Know SpongeBob
162a Krabby Island
162b Back To Pre-K
163a Attack Of The Sponge Statue
163b Sandy vs Squidward
163c Sponge And Starfish Impossible
164a Balloons
164b The Outfit
165a Squid's Birthday
165b The Great Slash Mountain
166a Head Distress
166b Squidward vs. Squilliam
167a The Flowers Are Always Pretty
167b Digit Pants
168/169 The Great Rainforest Escape SpongeBob and the gang get stranded in a rainforest trench and they are forced to escape.
170a Death Punchies SpongeBob learns a death punch after he slams a phone book on his face.
170b The Krabby Patty Structure SpongeBob creates a structure of the Krabby Patty so Plankton can keep it.
171a Prank Callers SpongeBob and Patrick do prank calls to everyone in Bikini Bottom.
171b Aanderea's Fault A new fish called Aanderea comes to Bikini Bottom and SpongeBob blames him for what he has done.
172a My Own Pants When SpongeBob gets his pants wet, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, Mr. Krabs and Plakton tell SpongeBob to buy his own pants.
172b Bring It!
173a You Are A Genius SpongeBob gets called "A Genius" by Patrick.
173b The Krabby Patty Madness There is a shenanigan going on at The Krusty Krab.
174a Friendly Fight
174b The 1½
175a Big Bass Bow
175b Zombie Bob SpongeBob believes that a zombie swarm is near.
176a Squid Acres SpongeBob and Patrick think it's time to go back to Squid Acres.
176b Plankton's Big Plan Plankton finds Mr. Krabs shaved, covered in green paint, poured with petrol and wraped with toilet paper. SpongeBob decides to find out who is the culprit.
177a The Lost Tongue When Pearl Krabs ends up with her tongue escaping after a sneeze, the tongue causes all sorts of mayhem which ends up with the law on his hair.
177b Bad Patties When Plankton rules the Krusty Krab in the rubbish house, Mr. Krabs is annoyed with SpongeBob and the Krusty Krab is turned back into the Krabby Krust.
178a Sea-Monkeys or Maybe Not?
178b 1 Number and Half
179 SpongeBob's Birthday Bash Clip-o-Rama
180a Waverly Hills Most Wanted
180b The Wrong Cartoons
181/182 Lost in New Kelp City

Series 8

# Title Brief Summary Title Card
183a Police in Crime
183b Racing A-La-Carte
184a Aliens Sponge
184b Plankton's Diary
185a SpongeNephews
185b SpongeBob's New Job
186/187 T.U.F.F. SpongeBob The T.U.F.F Agents (from T.U.F.F. Puppy) have an underwater mission. However, Dudley & SpongeBob become enemies after Dudley destroys the Krusty Krab kitchen. But they must team up to stop a missile that Plankton & D.O.O.M.(who teamed up) started.
188a Operation: W.E.D.D.I.N.G Mr. Krabs and Mrs. Puff schedule a wedding, but Plankton and the evil alliance plan to ruin it! Can SpongeBob and the Secret Agent Club foil their insideous plans?
188b Chum Bucket Workers Mr. Krabs won't hire Patrick for a job at the Krusty Krab 2, so he is hired by Plankton, but he must be evil to accept the job! To SpongeBob's surprise, Patrick makes the best patties called "Pat" Patties, and everyone comes in to eat them, running Krab's businesses out of business! Plankton is still cruel, however, and captures Larry and Timmy to work for him at the Chum Bucket! Can SpongeBob, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs stop this madness?
189a Boating School Blues Somehow, Mrs. Puff has gotten into a world full of music, and everyone in Bikini Bottom is singing! From SpongeBob to random bus drivers, Mrs. Puff goes through an entire world of music! Is there anyway that she can reverse this?
189b The Jellyfish Hunter Dairies SpongeBob narrates a week he spends in JellyFish Fields.
190a SpongeMan SuperheroPants
190b Duel!
191 It's Wild Up Here Sandy and SpongeBob go to Texas and run into the Thornberries .
192 Ghostly Day Danny Phantom comes to Bikini Bottom to get rid of Squidward's house of a trouble making ghost.
193 I Was a Teenage Skeeter Skeeter comes to the Krusty Krab to get a job and later meets Plankton who uses his life switcher machine to become Skeeter in order to steal Krabby Patties.
194 Fairly Odd Fish Timmy forgets that he has godparents after he suffers a conclusion during a flag football game in gym class so he set his fish free into the ocean while on vacation and Cosmo and Wanda end up in Bikini Bottom and become SpongeBob's fairy godparents, but Timmy soon remembers that he has fairies and goes to Bikini Bottom to find them.
195a Hard Formula Plankton has finally stole the formula, but there are more problems. He can`t open the bottle with anything until Karen opens it . Then he has to find the ingredients which takes him 3 days. After he gets everything he needs he can`t put a Krabby Patty together. After 6 hours he finally gets it, but the patty tastes horrible, and he spents another 6 hours to make a good patty. Then he can`t attract any customers so gives up and gets the formula back to the Krusty Krab.
195b Start the Light Seeing that the stoplight is broken SpongeBob tries to fix it but it doesn't allow drivers to drive. Mrs. Puff gets mad while driving, and tries to call the police. Police comes but SpongeBob runs and by mistake, he runs into a hydrant causing all the water to come out. Many fish get mad and chase SpongeBob too. Finally they come into a dead end and SpongeBob gets arrested, but the warden lest him go by forcing SpongeBob to make him free Krabby Patties .
195c Squilliam Again After eating a Krabby Patty, Squilliam is hypnotized by its flavor and does whatever Squidward tells him to do .First he gives him $1,000,000, then he gets him a private helicopter and a mansion . At last he hosts a show with Squidward as the main character. But before the show starts, Squilliam gets sick because he eats too much Krabby Patties, and barfs. Squilliam gets freed from the spell, cancels the show and takes back everything, leaving Squidward alone .
196a Pats for Patrick While SpongeBob is away, Squidward tries to teach Patrick not to be dumb.
196b Where's Gary? SpongeBob and Gary go to a French restaurant and Gary slithers away, when a waiter sees him he chases Gary while SpongeBob can't find him.
197a Hook Fest SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy and Larry compete in the annual Bikini Bottom hook jumping contest.
197b Goofiest Goober At the Goofy Goober restaurant, SpongeBob and Patrick become stars of the Goober Show.
198a NegaBobDeathPants SpongeBob is bitten by an evil four-eyed sea urchin and becomes evil and tries to destroy Bikini Bottom.
198b Karpenter Krabs Mr.Krabs finds that he has a talent at carpenting and he turns the Krusty Krab into the Karpenter Krab.
199a Computer Change Plankton is tired of Karen's failed plans and gets a new more intelligent computer with an IQ of 352.
199b Mermaidman and Barnaclehead Barancleboy becomes a dimwit.
200a Beware of Cliff Plankton's cousin visits.
200b Watermelon House SpongeBob lives in a watermelon house instead of a pineapple because prices in his pineapple are going up.
201a Back To 11th Grade SpongeBob fails an exam, so the teacher decides to put him back to Grade 11.
201b The Sad Songe Sandy leaves Bikini Bottom causing SpongeBob to be sad.
202a Casino Royalty
202b Need For Speed: Underwater
203a The Bankrupt Squid
203b Dual Krabs
204 Brother From Another Mother
205/206 The Good Old Times
207a Freefall
207b Under New Management
208a Sing It, SpongeBob!
208b Sayonara, Squiddy
208c Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Series 9

# Title Brief Summary Title Card
209a Can You Hear Me Now?
209b BlackJack's Back
210/211 The Gang Goes to the Farm
212 The Bikini Bottom Awards
213 The Bikini Bottom Rockers
214 Humans In Bikini Bottom?
215a In Your Shoes
215b My Enemy Is Your Enemy
216a Dangerous Dream
216b The Lost Diary
217a My Boring Family
217b All For Money
218 Without A Friend
219a MP3 Craze MP3s are introduced to Bikini Bottom, and everyone has one. Except SpongeBob, because he procrastinated. Now that they are gone, SpongeBob will do anything to get one.
219b The Cappuchino Effect Mr.Krabs opens up a coffee store to attract more customers.But when everyone starts going crazy by drinking it,the town starts to fall apart.Can Mr Krabsand Plankton to help reverse the effect before Bikini Bottom becomes Crazy Bottom?
220a Air SpongeBob SpongeBob decides to take up basketball. But when basketball get in the way of work,can Mr. Krabs help SpongeBob back to cooking?
220b SpongeBob Richpants When SpongeBob wins the lottery of $57 billion, he moves to a mansion in Rich People's Bottom. But when he misses his friends will he go from riches to rags?
221a Too Sick,Too Bad Plankton switches fresh milk with spoiled, Mr. Krabs. He gets so sick from drinking it, and Plankton now manages the Krusty Krab. So Plankton destroys the Krusty Krab, making the Chum Bucket the only restaurant in town. Plus, he has the formula! It's up to SpongeBob to foil Plankton's plan and rebuild the Krusty Krab!
221b Zero Gravity Sponge Plankton accidentally activates a zero gravity device on SpongeBob, making him zero gravital. However, he adapts quite quick. Will SpongeBob touch the ground ever again?
222a Way In the Future SpongeBob gets too far in annoying Squidward, so he ends up in year 3001.
222b SpongeBob on Ice SpongeBob gives up frycooking and prefers to skate.
223a The End Bikini Bottom fears that it is the end of the world after 24 hours.
223b Krab Sweet Krab Plankton gets too far in stealing the krabby patty formula, so Mr. Krabs tells him to fix the Krusty Krab.
224a New Fry Cook After playing at work, Mr. Krabs replaces SpongeBob with a new fry cook.
224b The Return of Uncle Sherm Sherm SquarePants returns for a visit and takes all of SpongeBob's furniture.
225a Mount Fishmore SpongeBob carves his own face into his house
225b Brain Washed Up Plankton knocks Patrick out cold and tells him that he works at the Chum Bucket.
226a FatPants SpongeBob eats too much junk food.
226b Wanted Dead Plankton creates a mind ray and hypnotises everyone to kill SpongeBob and Patrick!
227a Hello Plankton Star Plankton accidentally switches lives with Patrick.
228a Whirlpool A twister heads for Bikini Bottom.
228b All Alone Squidward wakes up to learn that hes all alone.
229a Jurassic Bikini Bottom Plankton reanimates the dinosaurs.
229b SpongeCurse ThirteenPants SpongeBob is very unlucky when it comes to Friday the 13th.
230a Summer Break SpongeBob puts on weight and a ravenous fish named Eddie tries to eat him. .
230b Stand Up SpongeBob gets a job as a stand-up comedian.
231a SpongeBob's Journey Through Windows 95 When the window cleaners lose their sponges, SpongeBob is hired as their personal sponge for wiping off the windows.
231b Hurt Every Time SpongeBob won't stop getting hurt, but he DOES keep getting hurt every minute!
232a A Day Like This SpongeBob tries to have his very "best day" in Bikini Bottom.
232b Field Trip Mrs. Puff takes the class on a field trip to Rock Bottom, which reminds SpongeBob of memories that happened when he and Patrick got lost in Rock Bottom.
233a Oh Eight Mean People Squidward wrestles tough guys at a Royal Rumble.
233b Lego SpongeBob It's a SpongeBob SquarePants adventure in LEGOS!
234a Krabs's Malfunction Mr. Krabs is uncontrolled by a lightning, and Plankton has the perfect opportunity to steal the secret recipe.
234b Sponge Park Patrick mounts a sponge park dedicated to SpongeBob, but accidentally the roller coaster almost destroys Squidward's house.

Series 10

# Title Brief Summary Title Card
235a The Invasion of Bikini Bottom Man Ray escapes from prison to get revenge from Bikini Bottom and SpongeBob and his friends try to stop him
235b Squid Rally Squidward is invited to go in a rally challenge.
236a Clarinet Show Squidward is invited to go in a clarinet show made by Squilliam, but SpongeBob and Patrick both ruin the show.
236b Junior's Return
237a Patty Trouble Mr. Krabs guards his awful patty in the kitchen, but, when the customers are dying by this patty, SpongeBob now makes a Krabby Patty the way he is.
237b Krabs's Discontrol It's a rainy day at the Krusty Krab, and when a lightning reaches Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob must find a way to get Mr. Krabs back to normal.
238a Squirrel Patty Sandy gives everyone an latest invention a way to make a Krabby Patty. But when Plankton reaches this and steals this invention, Sandy goes to the Chum Bucket to take it back.
238b Krabs Fame Mr. Krabs becomes famous when he makes a TV program and takes fame!
239a Leeches SpongeBob goes to Jellyfish Fields and then he meets "The Leech Team" and they destroy the Bikini Bottom.
239b The Future While running, SpongeBob and Patrick find a time machine and travel in time where Mr. Krabs rules the world.
240 Easter Baddy Plankton kidnaps the Easter Bunny and takes control of the holiday, so it's up to SpongeBob to stop him
241 The Love Story of a Sponge and a Squirrel
242 The K Files Plankton tries to get all the secret information about Mr. Krabs as he can so he can close down his restaurant.
243 Patrick for President
244a Fired
244b Jailbirds
245a Glovie SpongeBob and Patrick launch the "Glovie-Fanclub".
245b Future Drive Home School SpongeBob receives home-schooling.
246/247 The Bikini Bottom Adventure: Part 1
248/249 The Bikini Bottom Adventure: Part 2
250/251 The Bikini Bottom Adventure: Part 3
252a Dom SpongeBob and Patrick watch a horror movie called Dom, in which Patrick used it on video tape.
252b Krabby Hut
253a A Patrick Star is Born
253b SpongeBob in the Toilet
254a Tornado! Plankton creates a tornado so he can obliterate Bikini Bottom and rule the world, but after being pursued by a live tomato, a cylinder-like building falls right on top of him.
254b The New SpongeStravaganza People are starting to think SpongeBob's Square Shape is getting old, so he becomes Windows 95Bob MicrosoftPants. Now people start to grow fond of him, and even later, Patrick becomes Windows XPRick ServicePackStar.
255a A New Hat SpongeBob has fun with his new hat.
255b SpongeBob and You Save the Big Blue To bring tornado warnings to an end, SpongeBob vows to keep Bikini Bottom suave and clean.
256a Packycephalosaur SpongeBob packs up for an adventure to Dino Island.
256b Sponge vs Lucario When Lucario arrives at Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob brainwashes Sandy to fight him.
257a Legend of the Kelp Monster Mr.Krabs invites SpongeBob Patrick and Squidward to go camping. Mr. Krabs tells them about the Kelp Monster that lives in the kelp forest and the Kelp Monster visits them.
257b Sponge Love Plankton hires a girl sponge to be SpongeBob's girlfriend.
258a Movie Pants
258b Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy: The League of the Villains
259/260 The Krusty Chummy Truce
261a Patrick's Pet
261b Money Crisis
262a Friends Forever?
262b The Origin of Bikini Bottom

Series 11

# Title Brief Summary Title Card
263a The Field Trip
263b New Pants
264a Sandy's Diary
264b Littepick Star
265a Back to Reef Blower
265b A Bopwork Orange
266a Boat Unschool
266b Not A Single Best Day
267a Lick For A Lollipop
267b Andocando
268a Tornado Plankton works on a tornado formation.
268b A New Hat SpongeBob starts wearing a "trickhat", But soon he grows too much interest in the hat, everyone gets annoyed, even Squidward.
269a The Dutchman's Visit
269b Feeling Spongey
270 It Was a Musical!
271a Sandy Breaks Her Leg
271b Didin"t Know Star Patrick accidentally touches an electric fence and becomes more idiotic.
272a The Seeing Eye
272b The Chumy Krab
273a Agent Squidward
273b The Big Grasshoppers
274a The Plagiarizing Krab Mr Krabs tries to get more money by going out and singing songs. But first he needs some songs so he goes online and copies some songs and poses them as his own.
274b The Day Krabby Patties Tasted Horrible Plankton makes a machine that makes his chum taste good and krabby patties taste horrible.
275 Bikini Bottom Rocks Bikini Bottom must compete in a rock competition to see whose city is the best.
276a Life of a Chum Bucket
276b Electric Sponge
277a Who Is This Guy?
277b Well SpongeBob invents a "Well" tag.
278a Small And Not Sweet
278b The Best Octopus SpongeBob goes with Patrick to a large octopus-competition.
279a Krab Burglar Mr. Krabs goes bankrupt, so he robs the bank. He is arrested, so SpongeBob and Patrick have to break him out of jail.
279b Liar Liar Patrick makes SpongeBob take a lie detector test, and starts to think SpongeBob isn't really his friend.
280a In His Tiny Shoes Patrick and Plankton switch minds.
280b U. F. Oh No Aliens take over the health inspector's mind, making him give the Krusty Krab bad reviews.
281a KrabsMan Plankton When Mr. Krabs and Plankton morph together, everyone's non-fond of this green-red monster.
281b Helpful Bob
282a The Glide Across The Room
282b Diapers

Series 12

# Title Brief Summary Title Card
283a Money, You're Mine!
283b Devolution
284a Too Good To Be Tree SpongeBob and Patrick fix Sandy's treedome after it collapses.
284b A New Shell for Krabs Mr. Krabs once again outgrows his shell and he needs to get a new one.
285a Give Good Behavior, Get Good Behavior SpongeBob is forced to flip his card to red for constant threats. Later, in the Focus Room, he tries to prove he will be good the next day.
285b Can't Find My Spatula! SpongeBob hides his spatula for the day, but he soon doesn't remember where he put it.
286a The Ghost Of The Krusty Krab Plankton tries to drive Mr. Krabs' customers away by haunting the Krusty Krab.
286b Presto Sponge-o
287a Tomatoes SpongeBob forgets to buy tomatoes for The Krusty Krab.
287b The Halloween Episode SpongeBob and Patrick go trick-or-treating at SpongeBob's house and Squidward tries to get them trick-or-treating for real.
288a I Passed The Past SpongeBob goes back in time to pass his boating exam the first time. It works.
288b Boj for a day Squidward and SpongeBob switch jobs for a day, to see how hard it gets.
289/290 Collision Decision SpongeBob breaks the universe of other Nicktoons.
291a Waking Up Is Hard To Do SpongeBob wakes up and does his morning routine, but when he digs around for a prize in a cereal box, he finds a monster. He then wakes up and it turns out that it was all just a dream. SpongeBob does his morning routine again, but at the cereal part he tries a more directive approach, shaking the cereal out of the box. There is a lot of cereal in the box and the monster appears again. SpongeBob then wakes up again finding out that it was just a dream inside of a dream and finds out that he is in the cereal box. The monster then tries to grab him, mistaking him for a prize, but SpongeBob wakes up again. It was a dream inside a dream, inside a dream. He goes to his breakfast cupboard and decides to have pancakes instead, and then he tells Gary that breakfast time is definitely pancake time.
291b Stylin Sponge Squidward goes to a hairdresser for his monthly head polish, but to his surprise SpongeBob and Patrick are there. SpongeBob is getting a new hairdo, but Squidward points out that he does not have hair. He gets the hairdo anyway. It is the reader's job to draw the hairdo and give it a name.
292a Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy vs, The Octopus King SpongeBob is scaring Mermaid Man and then Barnacle Boy points out that he is one of their fans. Mermaid Man then says that he remembers when they first invented the electric fan, and that SpongeBob's eyes make him sweat. SpongeBob then asks them to do something super and they decide to fight the Octopus King. SpongeBob is goofing off looking at little bugs whilst they fight.
292b GlowSponge SpongeBob wants to get into a club which is for bioluminescent guests only. He drinks something made from glowkelp gets in and starts to dance, but after a few seconds it wears off and SpongeBob becomes the disco ball.
293 They're Playing My Tune Squidward can't stand the noises in the Krusty Krab, so he tells Mr Krabs that music means more money. Squidward records a CD that night and the next morning Mr Krabs tries different music to see which one boosts sales the highest. Mr Krabs starts with sea chanties which only attracts sailors which try to destroy the restaurant. Pearl then appears and tells Mr Krabs to try her kind of music which only attracts teenagers who want to dance to it. They then try Squidward's cd which is 6 hours of him playing the clarinet, which does not attract anyone at all. They then try SpongeBob's song which Squidward thinks is the worst song in Bikini Bottom, but everyone else thinks that it is the best. That night Squidward tries to break into the Krusty Krab and nearly gets arrested, but SpongeBob tells the police that if they come tomorrow they will hear a great song. They come the next morning, listen to the song and arrest the CD player, so Squidward is forced to go back to listening to the noises that he could not stand.
294a Best Joke Ever SpongeBob and Patrick knock on Squidward's door and tell him a joke which the reader has to create, and it must end with, " and it's just completely crazy". Squidward then slams the door and says it's the worst joke he ever heard because SpongeBob forgot to say that it was wearing a funny hat.
294b Midnight Snack Attack SpongeBob goes downstairs for a jellyfish jelly sandwich and he has a nightmare about being attacked by the ingredients. SpongeBob then wakes up, looks at the sandwich in anger, and goes upstairs to have milk and cookies instead.
295a Smelly Flowers Patrick tells SpongeBob to smell a pretty flower but it is really a stink old shoe. Patrick then says "darn it", as he always get the shoe box and the flower box mixed up, and to SpongeBob surprise, Patrick is wearing flowers on his feet.
295b Wish Upon A What? SpongeBob starts to wish upon a star, but then realizes that the star was just Patrick. Then Patrick says, "Hooray, it's me".
295c The Best Invention Patrick tells SpongeBob that he invented the Krabby Patty but then SpongeBob points out that he cannot invent the Krabby Patty as it already exists. Patrick then says, "maybe I invented the Shmabby Blatty".
296 Picture It SpongeBob fails another boating test. And might have to come to boating school next year. Mrs.Puff tells him to picture Brake, Key, Drive, Gas in his head. But when Gary says that it's like TV, the pictures in his mind keep changing. SpongeBob then says all these at school and decides the right one was Shake, Speed, Slide, Crash so he has to come to Boating school next year.
297a Star Studded Cast SpongeBob is told by Patrick to see his cousins. Their names are Ed, Happy, Tiny, and Billy. SpongeBob then says that Billy is a sheriff. Billy denies that and says the star is the smallest cousin Pinny. It is the reader's job to finish drawing Patrick's cousins.
297b All Wrapped Up Patrick goes to SpongeBob's house and asks for some wrapping paper. Later, he comes again and asks for some tape. Later he comes back and asks for a bow. Much, much, much later, SpongeBob tries spying on Patrick, but stops since spying on him is something he should not do. Patrick then arrives with a present for SB: the drum he left at Pat's birthday Party. SpongeBob and Patrick then go outside make make music with it, and ruin Squidward's day.
297c A Swell Time Patrick sees candy coral, but SpongeBob sees a sign that says no licking. They ignore that and lick it. They then get a swelling in their tongues and have to go to the doctors. The doctor gives SpongeBob & Patrick a lollipop, but they run away from them screaming.
298a Driving Dunchman The latest addition to Mrs. Puff's Boating School is the Flying Dutchman, and SpongeBob is terrified! Will Mrs. Puff finally get rid of her worst student?
298b New Guy Patrick and SpongeBob make a friend who's a lot of fun, even if he doesn't move or talk at all! But what is his stunning secret? You'll know way before they do.
299a Farewell Squidward! Squidward has moved away with no forwarding address, and SpongeBob and Patrick must scour the globe in search of their best buddy.
299b Monster Lobstah Cometh Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy remember their first encounter with a deadly, but delicous, foe.
300a SpongeMonkey SpongeBob and Patrick are lost in the Kelp Forest, and it's up to Mr. Krabs and Squidward to find them.
300b Friend Fair Patrick and SpongeBob enter a contest to test just how much (or little) each knows about the other.
301a The Krusty Nabbed The mighty King Neptune has stolen the Krusty Krab and brought it to his legendary palace.
301b Landquarium Sandy is appalled by the horrible inaccuracies rampant in Bikini Bottom's Museum of Land Creatures.
302a Bubble Double Trouble When SpongeBob and Patrick use a new bubble formula, they can do almost anything - including create exact living duplicates of themselves!
302b See? Dragon! SpongeBob is convinced he's found a dragon's tooth, but Squidward and Mr. Krabs think he's just finally lost his grip. Does Old Man Jenkins hold the secret to what the tooth really is?

Series 13

# Title Brief Summary Title Card
303a The Jellyfishing Master Patrick and SpongeBob can only watch in horror as this interloper's traps capture the entire jelly population.
303b The Critic A restaturant reviewer's visit to the Krusty Krab forces SpongeBob to pull out all the stops, kick out the jams, and go the whole nine yards to make the most amazing Krabby Patties ever.
304a The Money Tree Mr. Krabs scuttles in the spotlight.
304b Squidmund Visits Squidward gets company, so he must get his house's feng shui in order.
305a The Dutchman's Challenge The Flying Dutchman's undead crew is on the loose in Bikini Bottom.
305b Things That Go Burp in the Night SpongeBob must confront the terror of the late shift at the Krusty Krab.
306 Sick Day SpongeBob has a bad cold. And when his friends visit, things somehow get worse.
307a Trial By Jelly SpongeBob is dragged to court by a mob of angry jellyfish!
307b Blue Bonnet Society Can Squidward survive the chaos after he interrupts SpongeBob's warm-up exercises?
307c The Amazing SpongeBot A mechanical future SpongeBob must stop the present-day Mr. SquarePants from performing a comedy routine - or else the future will be all messed up or something!
308a Dream a Krabby Dream Plankton goes all Inception on the dreams of SpongeBob
308b For the Love of Chum A customer partakes of Plankton's Chumbalaya special - and loves it. Learn how this violation of the laws of nature came to be.
309 Day Off/Off Day The Krusty Krab is under siege by SpongeBob! Mr. Krabs must keep the humble fry cook from entering the restaurant or (horrors!) face a modest fine for working his employees too hard. But a determined SpongeBob can get through any defenses that Mr. Krabs concocts. How far will Krabs go to keep him out?
310a Bikini Bottom 2 SpongeBob journeys to an alternate dimension
310b Squidward Saves Television Squidward takes over SpongeBob's favorite shows in order to bring a little class to television.
311a Missing Man SpongeBob, Patrick, and Barnacle Boy go on a desperately dumb search for a wayward Mermaid Man, annoying the hero's entire rogues gallery along the way.
311b Look Out Below SpongeBob becomes the champion of an underground civilization living beneath the Krusty Krab.
312a Slip-Sledding Away Patrick and SpongeBob's kelp karpet sleds go really fast SpongeBob finds a way to make them go even faster! Soon the friends find themselves sledding to a mysterious, faraway retirement community.
312b Recipe For Success Plankton finally puts his genius to work and creates a delicious secret formula of his own. Is this the end of The Krusty Krab?
313a Calls in the Wild SpongeBob and Patrick must protect a troupe of young campers from the strange creatures that lurk in the woods - -like that grouchy bald one who plays the clarinet!
313b Heroes at the Beach Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy attempt to have a relaxing day at the beach. But why must there be so much evil to get in their way?
314a The Housesitter SpongeBob looks after Mr. Krabs' house and fends off a fishy cat burglar.
314b Raising the Curtain of Evil Patrick has to think fast to reconstruct SpongeBob's latest issue of Mermaid Man, resulting in a bizarre reading experience.
314c SpongeBob Finds a Cave SpongeBob finds a cave that has a magic hot dog!
315a Night Sweets Patrick and SpongeBob go on a frenzied 3 AM quest for hidden candy.
315b Dear Diary Squidward's suggestion that Patrick start a journal results in daily misery - for Squidward!
316 The Big Cover-Up SpongeBob forgets to wear his square pants to work, and thus begins the big cover-up.
317a Great Grandma On a reluctant visit to Grandma Sponge's house, Squidward discovers an earthly paradise (for Squidward, that is). But how can he get back to that happy place?
317b Too Tough SpongeBob invites the bruisers from the Salty Spitoon to make the Krusty Krab their new hangout, and Mr. Krabs sees dollar lots of broken furniture.
318a Drawn In SpongeBob uses crayons to insert himself into an old Mermaid Man horror comic.
318b Pat the Temp Patrick would make a great substitute fry cook, right?
318c Trash Stalkin Squidward teaches SpongeBob about that most magical of all creatures, the Garbage Fairy.
319 The Treasure of Captain Goldfish SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs set out on a sea voyage with a sinister stowaway on board.
320 The Curse of King Krabbe! In the remote wastes of the northern waters, something monstrous sits encased in ice, waiting to be thawed out by two of the silliest nincompoops in the Seven Seas. SpongeBob and Patrick track a wayward Mr. Krabs to the frozen ruins of an ancient civilization and must deal with the enraged creature that once ruled it!
321a Mrs. Puff's Pageant SpongeBob's dream of starring in the Boating School play have finally come true - but is the audience, and Mrs. Puff, ready for SpongeBob's unorthodox acting choices?
321b Bottled Up SpongeBob is stuck inside a glass bottle (He has his reasons!) and experiences one treacherous humiliation after another. Who can rescue our porous pal?
322a Italian Vacation Squidward goes to Italy for a vacation to meet his idol but SpongeBob and Patrick suddenly arrive and ruin everything.
322b Clone Destruction! SpongeBob and Patrick clone themselves by using one of Sandy's inventions but their clones wreak havoc.

Series 14

# Title Brief Summary Title Card
323a Blindness? Plankton's mother in law doesn't see eye to eye.
323b Boy Story SpongeBob and Patrick star in a children's show and they try to meet their childhood idol but the host is not what he seems to be.
324a True Love Grows More Squidward's current girlfriend returns and brings a friend along with her.
324b Mr. Krabs Gets Busted Mr. Krabs gets fooled when he thinks that a fake golden coin is valuable and real.
325a SpongeBob and Patrick - The Boys Who Became Queens SpongeBob and Patrick learns what is like to be a girl, so they turned into girls (Simlair plot to a Fairy OddParents episode "The Boy Who Would Be Queen").
326a New Patrick When a new starfish comes to Bikini Bottom, he convinces Patrick that he will be replacing him as SpongeBob's best friend.
326b Hypnotized Sponge Mrs. Puff resorts to hypnotism in order to allow SpongeBob to pass her class.
327a Old School Plankton After Plankton fails to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula yet again, he decides to go back in time to the Ming Dynasty to learn more barbaronic ways of stealing things.
327b Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy vs. the Whirlpool Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy must stop a whirlpool-themed supervillan from wreaking havoc in Bikini Bottom.
328a Squidward's Snazzy New Wig Squidward decides to buy a wig so that the Bikini Bottomites will be more accepting of him, but SpongeBob thinks he is an assassin that plans to kidnap Gary.
328b Karate Master SpongeBob must save Sandy from a killer whale pod.
329a Patchy the Fanatic Patchy the Pirate sets out to prove that he is SpongeBob's biggest fan.
329b Return of Flatts the Flounder Flatts returns to ensure that SpongeBob gets beaten up brutally.
330 Torn Krabs Plankton threatens to make Mr. Krabs go bankrupt, so now, he must choose between losing his money or loosing that Krabby Patty secret formula.
331 The Easter Baddie Plankton captures the Easter Bunny and makes evil robotic Easter Eggs to take over Bikini Bottom.
332a Ain't Patrick's Day Patrick thinks the day is to celebrate him.
332b No Country for Old Squids Squidward moves into a retirement home for old cephalapods to get away from SpongeBob.
333a A Plot Too Far
333b Luck Of The Squidward
334a Spanish Sponge
334b Date With The Nuts
335 A Taste for Turkey
336a My Fair Patrick
336b Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy 2
337a Fry & Swerve
337b Not Easy Rider
338a Time & Space
338b Sandy's Birthday
339a Will You Work For Peanuts?
339b Queen Of Whales
340a Clarinet Time
340b The Sponge Who Came Out in the Cold
341a Mrs. Chopper
341b The Origin Of Patrick

Series 15

# Title Brief Summary Title Card
342a Is There a Sponge in the House?
343a Promotion in the World
344a SpongeBob For President
344b Krabby Diary
345 Snowed in the Krusty Krab
346 The Texas' Old Times
347a Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IX
347b Club Bored
348a SpongeBob Swallows NoName
348b Barbecue Bill and the Seven Peas
349/350 Clamzilla
351a SpongeBob's Arabian Nights
351b The Sponge Who Cried Worm Wolf
352 The SpongeGoonies
353a The Origin of Squidward
353b The SpongeBob SquarePants Picture Show
354 SpongeBob Goes to Australia
355a The Big Game Show
355b Mr. Puff
356/357 Fun with Sponge and Pat
358a A Mystery at Barg 'N Mart
358b The Origin of Sandy
359a A Job for Patrick
359b Jolly Ol' SpongeBob
360a The Bob Land
360b The Magic Gum
361a The Battle Begins
361b Where Is Patrick Star?

Series 16

# Title Brief Summary Title Card
362 The Mask of Halloween SpongeBob and Patrick play holiday charades. SpongeBob does Halloween but Patrick can't figure it out so SpongeBob puts on a creepy mask on and accidentally scares everybody in Bikini Bottom.
363a Squidward's Annoying for a Day After SpongeBob's and Patrick's horrible prank at Squidward's face, Squidward decides to get revenge with being annoying.

363a Dollars and Cents

363b Best Fiend

364a Mrs. Krabs : Mr.Krabs's wife pays a visit to Bikini Bottom but had to hide his restaurant before they will have to fill a divorce.

364b The Barnacle Boy and Mermaid Man Board Game SpongeBob and his friends play a board game before they shrunk by using Sandy's shrinker but they will have to play a competition in order to get back to normal.

Series 17

Series 18

Series 19

Series 20

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