Karen vs. Karen 2.0 is the first episode of ERBS .


  • Karen
  • Karen 2.0
  • Plankton (cameo)



You call yourself a good wife?

Well hey guess what? you're just a rip-off another computer,

And it's me! All you care about is freaking winning,

So that's why i'm gonna win this!

Karen 2.0

Whats that I here?

Oh wait it's you

nice try, but i'm the true computer wife,

cause everyone thinks that the original of anything SUCKS!

You try to act smart,

but i'm much smarter

theres a reason that Plankton made me!


Hmm...looks like you forgot what happend at the end of that episode,

When you got destroyed and I won!

So go back to the garbage dump, cause I already won this.