Godzilla vs. SpongeBob is an episode created by Gojirules54.


The people of Bikini Bottom are having a normal day, when suddenly, Godzilla rises out of Goo Lagoon and begins a rampage throughout the city! Meanwhile, at the Chum Bucket, Plankton launches his deathkraft, the Planktonmobile, and starts his own rampage with it! When he sees Godzilla, he decides to join forces with him, and together they level much of the city. Meanwhile, SpongeBob flies in on a plane, and Godzilla gives chase! SpongeBob fights Plankton and destroys his deathkraft. Then he fights Godzilla and Godzilla grabs the plane! Meanwhile, Patrick is taking a nap on a bench and awakens to see the events unfold, and he asks himself "what would Mermaidman do?" then he hears a voice in his head telling him that he should assemble the shrink ray used by Mermaidman and Barnacleboy to battle the Goldfish Goliath and use it to shrink Godzilla down to size! He finds all the pieces and confronts Godzilla, saying "so, Mr. Lizard, you think you're so big, well let's see if we can bring you down to size!" Spongeb\Bob rushes to Patrick, and says to him "that was pretty clever Patrick, I've gotta hand it to you !" Patrick responds with "yeah, I don't know what got into me!" Then Patrick goes off to face Godzilla in the final battle, firing at his vulnerable parts to reduce him down to size, eventually reducing him to Plankton's size, but Godzilla soon begins to grow back to his original size, as Patrick forgot to switch the shrink ray from temporary to permanent, and Godzilla vaporizes him and SpongeBob and destroys the rest of the city!