A Long Time Ago in Bikini Bottom, After The invasion of Paul Tibbitt and Crappy Modern SpongeBob and put modern SpongeBob on the Air in Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob woked up and went to work, as usual, went to the center of the Krusty Krab, and Mr. Krabs told him the news, "Watch this crappy episode that made me look bad", Sadie watched The Episode "One Coarse Meal", And throwed her drink at Mr. Krabs, "How dare you do that to a innocent citizen", Sadie counted everything Mr. Krabs "Did" in Modern SpongeBob Including This:

  • Not Letting Plankton get one customer
  • Driving Plankton to getting run over
  • Exposing everybody in Binki Bottom

and many more, She left the Krusty Krab and everybody left with Her:

  • Mr. Krabs: Paul Tibbitt, he's responsible for this.

He Went to Paul Tibbitt's office and had a Serious talk, "PAUL TIBBITT, YOU DESERVE A PINK SLIP!! He left laughing, He went back to the Krusty Krab only to not have any customers So then he went to Paul's house and talked since into him but since it failed it failed! Then Mr Krabs and Plankton teamed up and defeated Paul and then it when on as normal. SpongeBob then woke up to find out it was just a bad nightmare, after SpongeBob woke up and Got in the shower as usual, Then over SS20Bot went over to squidward's house and tortured him with The Spam Message until Squidward called the cops and they arrested SS20Bot!