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Crystal Meth is the third episode of SpongeBong Hemppants.


SpongeBong and Hashbrick are watching TV where they learn that their favorite band known as Fish is premiring at a concert. They are both excited, and they decide to get some sea-mushrooms from Spliffward for the concert, but are saddened to find that Spliffward doesn't have any sea-mushrooms. However, Spliffward manages to calm them by saying that he knows a friend who could give them some sea-mushrooms in time for the concert. They arrive at Crystal Meth's house, and Spliffward tells her that SpongeBong and Hashbrick will trade some porno tapes and clean spoons for a batch of sea-mushrooms. Crystal sees SpongeBong, Hashbrick, and Spliffward as what they would look like in real-life, which freaks her out. They invite her to come to the Fish concert with them, and she does, but she secretly steals Spliffwards wallet when they go off. At the Fish concert, Crystal starts freaking out by her visions. When Fish starts playing, Crystal sees them in real-life like she does with SpongeBong, Hashbrick, and Spliffward. Crystal finally loses her mind when she can't take what she sees anymore, so she plucks her eyeballs out of her head and runs away screaming. Worried, SpongeBong and Hashbrick both agree to stay away from sea-mushrooms for a while, and decide to make off with the porno tape Crystal dropped.


  • SpongeBong
  • Hashbrick
  • Spliffward
  • Crystal Meth
  • Fish
  • Fish concert people

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  • Crystal is the fifth character to parody a SpongeBob Squarepants character. The character she parodied is Sandy Cheeks.
  • This is the second episode to feature a character's name.
  • This is the first time SpongeBong and Hashbrick weren't exposed to any kind of drug.
  • the band "fish" is supposed to parody phish.
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