Bob SquarePants
Opening Theme
"Best Day Ever" by SpongeBob SquarePants
Country of origin
United States
No. of seasons
No. of episodes
Running Time
20 min
Production Company(s)
Bone Productions & Mind's Imagine
Bonestudios15 & [(Bob SquarePants)|BoneTV]

Bob SquarePants is a LEGO comedy YouTube series produced by Bonestudios15. It is currently the newest YouTube series that Bonestudios15 has aside from its hit show Lloyd & Neville.

The Series takes place after SpongeBob leaves Bikini Bottom and he goes to Lego City to become a teacher. He will have a lot to learn but he will soon figure out what he needs to know about being a teacher.


SpongeBob leaves bikni bottom after Mr. Krabs convinces him to try new things, to become a school teacher. He has to try to act mature and get rid of the old him. Meanwhile, he has to deal with the job opening for assistant teacher. He must choose between celebrites Mario and Toad against his two friends Luna and Patrick. He soon realizes that he doesn't have to change for his class because they like him for who he is.

Main Characters

SpongeBob SquarePants as Himself

Patrick Star as Himself

Luna Lovegood as Herself

Super Mario as Himself

Toad as Himself

Carson Kabra as Ian

Secondary Characters

John Hermendez as Principal Joe

Cedric Diggory as Himself

Itchy as Himself

Marissa Diggory as Herself

Homer Simpson as Himself

Marge Simpson as Herself

Bart Simpson as Himself

Lisa Simpson as Herself

Maggie Simpson as Herself

Ned Flanders as Himself

Ralph Wiggums as Himself 

Season 1

  1. Spongy Start
  2. Online Dating
  3. A New Enemy
  4. School Bullies
  5. Mr. Replacement
  6. Framed
  7. The Simpsons Bob
  8. Wild Goose Chase
  9. Spongy Luck
  10. Classroom Competition
  11. How to Catch a Thief
  12. A Day in the Life of a Sponge

Season 2



  1.  Spongy Start 
  2. Online Dating  
  3. A New Enemy
  4. School Bullies
  5. Mr. Replacement
Bob Squarepants opening

Bob Squarepants opening

Bob SquarePants Opening Theme

Bob SquarePants It's here! Promo

Bob SquarePants It's here! Promo

Bob SquarePants: It's here! Promo


  • The title is almost exactly the same as the Nickelodeon Series that the show was spun-off from  "SpongeBob SquarePants "