Another Hashbrick in the Wall is the second episode of SpongeBong Hemppants.


KyleBong and HashMae are eating some Malaysian Fire Sea-Weed Brownies sent by HashMae's friend in Bangkok over XCOXS LIVE. HashMae eats too much of the brownies and hallucinates SpongeBong putting up a bunch of impossible stunts. Seeing his best friend hallucinating, SpongeBong runs off to get some orange slices for Hashbrick, but Hashbrick's hallucinations create a vapor trail with a resemblance of SpongeBong. The hallucination gets Hashbrick to follow him, and they leave when SpongeBong returns with the orange slices. Without any clue of where Hashbrick is, SpongeBong begins to fall into an insane moment of depression, tearing the carpet off the floor and overeating the Malaysian Fire-Seaweed Brownies like Hashbrick. In town, Hashbrick and the SpongeBong vapor trail are eating nachos and chasing a hobbit with nets. Meanwhile, SpongeBong is looking for Hashbrick and sees a bus full of people with strange masks on, possibly a hallucination made by SpongeBong while under the effects of Malaysian Fire-Seaweed Brownies. In another place of town, Hashbrick and the vapor trail are fooling around in a bong store. During SpongeBong's search for Hashbrick, he puts up billboards and fliers. Then he throws his own TV out of his window and smashes his teeth. Then, he shaves the hair on his body, where Hashbrick comes in to ask if he can go to the bathroom. SpongeBong is immediately released from his depressive state, and Hashbrick explains the adventures he had with the hallucinated vapor trail, saying that after the Malaysian Fire Sea-Weed Brownies' effect wear off, he disappeared. As SpongeBong and Hashbrick hug, they are found by Spliffward who is wearing the strange mask, meaning that SpongeBong and Hashbrick are still suffering from the effects of the brownies.


  • SpongeBong
  • Hashbrick
  • SpongeBong's Vapor Trail
  • Hobbit
  • Spliffward

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  • This episode parodies the Lord of the Rings movies as Hashbrick and SpongeBong's Vapor Trail are seen chasing a hobbit.
  • This episode also parodies the Pink Floyd film The Wall and the episode title is a parody of the Pink Floyd song "Another Brick in the Wall."
  • This is the second time seaweed appears, but this kind is Malaysian Fire Sea-Weed.
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