A Nightmare on SpongeBob Street is an episode created by Gojirules54.


SpongeBob has a dream where he's stalked through a boiler room by everyone's favorite dream demon, Freddy Krueger! when Krueger finally catches up with him, SpongeBob awakens in bed screaming! Squidward and Patrick are woken up and go over to see what's wrong with him! SpongeBob says he just had a bad dream, but Patrick points down to SpongeBob's chest which has 4 slashes in it, similar to the 1s he received in his dream! now they're all convinced it wuz more than just a dream ! the next morning, mr. krabs asks SpongeBob and Squidward what went on with them ! they tell the story, but mr. krabs merely laughs at them but agrees to come over to see if it's true, as do sandy, mermaid man, and barnacle boy, who were listening in on the conversation ! that night, they all come over to SpongeBob's house, as does Patrick, and they all go to sleep ! in the dream world, they are all in the boiler room, and squidward sees his clarinet on the wall and goes to get it, but it starts to play itself, annoying squidward ! then it's says "this number will be your last !" then the clarinet sucks squidward in ! patrick sees a krabby patty on top of a pipe and happily goes over to eat it, but it eats him instead, then says "shoulda went on a diet !" mr. krabs sees sacks of money hanging from a pipe and rushes over to get it, but the money starts flying all around him, eating him up, then they all merge to form a green Freddy Krueger, who has money sticking out all over him, and says "money isn't everything !" Gary sees a female snail and rushes over to it, then the female snail turns into Freddy Krueger, who tears Gary out of his shell and smashes his shell, saying "no wonder the french like these things !" sandy suddenly has her helmet broken and water pours into it, suffocating her until she dies ! then Freddy says to her "how's this for a wet dream ?" mermaid man and barnacle boy see a robbery in progress and try to stop it, but the robber turns into Freddy, who bashes their heads in, killing them, and says "ignorance of the law's no excuse for beakin' it !" SpongeBob is left alone in the boiler room! Freddy appears in front of him, saying "this sponge has been overused ! and now, it's time to wring this sponge dry, FOR GOOD !" Freddy lashes out at SpongeBob, who stretches his arms out to slap Freddy repeatedly, and Freddy grabs SpongeBob's arms and swings him around, bashing him into a wall, then he says "welcome to my nightmare !" before ripping his hands off, then cutting him up!